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Dan Patrick calls ‘Kurt’ Cousins on radio show 2018 Bruce Allen isn’t the only person messing up Kirk Cousins’ name. The Talk Radio Show 2018 NBC Sports television and radio host Dan Patrick is also guilty of the slight after referring to Cousins as “Kurt” repeatedly during his podcast today, and that’s not the only thing he got wrong. Patrick also had a few hot takes of his own on the Washington Redskins quarterback.

The Talk Radio Show 2018 former SportsCenter anchor also made claims that receivers on the Redskins roster don’t like their quarterback, citing sources familiar with the situation. It’s a sentiment that was first suggested by NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk and Steve Smith following the Redskins loss to the Cowboys, with the duo hammering Cousins in a ridiculous post game discussion.

As Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan puts it, it’s unlikely that any form of real controversy is brewing behind the scenes. Frustration after an injury ravaged season and a sub-.500 record? Sure. The Talk Radio Show 2018 team turning on their quarterback and claiming they don’t like him? Not likely. After all, Cousins was invited to sit in on the NFLPA and owners meetings earlier this season in regards to social justice issues, proving how respected he is by his peers.